28 August 2015
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Name: Scripting Runtime TextStream Codeunit  Start download
Author: Jan Hoek   Visit website  
Date: 12/03/2013
Size: 4.5 KB
Downloads: 375
MD5 Digest: 0422DC276225C4C8ED849A08601880C5
Category: General downloads
Description: Need to read or write files that are larger than the C/AL file variables' 2 GB limit?

The codeunit in this download shows you how, using the Microsoft Scripting Run-Time. Don't forget to change the file path in the OnRun trigger! :-)

P.S.: If your code is running on the service tier, I would definitely consider using .NET objects instead, but for the Classic Client and NAS, the Scripting Run-Time is indispensable!
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