31 August 2015
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Name: SMART Launcher  Start download
Author: SMART business   Send e-mail  Visit website  Business Directory listing
Date: 30/10/2013
First release: 12/09/2012
Size: 672.1 KB
Downloads: 1053
MD5 Digest: 82D31A461D78547E7EC7CF751063D1B9
Category: General downloads
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Description: SMART Launcher allows you to run different databases with correct NAV Classic / RTC client. When you have a big amount of databases with different versions it becomes a real pain to remember the version, build and path to the NAV client for each database. SMART Launcher solves this problem. All you need is set patches to your NAV clients and map database versions to the clients (you can see this settings on the screenshot). After these simple settings you can run each database from the system tray in few mouse clicks. Database version is displayed just by pointing the mouse cursor on database or company (you can see "60220" on the screenshot).

Additional benefits:
- possibility to manage access to databases: grant / deny SQL dbo role and NAV SUPER role for user;
- possibility to add / remove SQL trigger which forbids database conversion;

For the full list of features please read Help topic in the application settings.

You can find this and other tools and how-to's here: http://wedonav.com/#/experience/

Version 30/10/2013
- NAV 2013 R2 is fully supported
- Several bugs with adding user to database for older versions are fixed
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