29 August 2015
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Name: Microsoft Dynamics NAV W1 2009 R2  Start download
Author: Microsoft Business Solutions   Visit website  
Date: 17/12/2010
Size: 621.05 MB
Downloads: 4878
MD5 Digest: 8FA5CDE91D4111D96DDC928CD8F3E2B4
Category: Commercial Demos & Trial Versions
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Description: With the release of Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, Microsoft continues to focus on improving business productivity for partners and customers.
Businesses are offered integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM through the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, support for Online Payment Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, RoleTailored Client Access for Remote and Roaming Users, Microsoft Application Virtualization Support, and business data visualization capabilities. In addition new features and enhancements have been added to improve partner developer experiences.

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into one zip-file.

Start download  navw12009r2.001     99.92 MB     MD5 Digest: A372CAED56F9BAA8447EDEADE1AE6E9F
Start download  navw12009r2.002     99.99 MB     MD5 Digest: FFE80EE52B46DF0EB8F2ABB0D1FAD206
Start download  navw12009r2.003     99.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 5B14275B3AD2415334A21B8B2BA11312
Start download  navw12009r2.004     99.99 MB     MD5 Digest: DD58CD0DF1B98BD0E1F6334B56A652DD
Start download  navw12009r2.005     99.99 MB     MD5 Digest: 544221A073036E6F165DAE20894F5E92
Start download  navw12009r2.006     99.99 MB     MD5 Digest: E1A497C56EF7CFC13548A145520E9033
Start download  navw12009r2.007     21.14 MB     MD5 Digest: C7F6348130AE4AA3C45E718F62F719D4
Start download  navw12009r2.exe     73.2 KB     MD5 Digest: A0A583E6503D5A12B1BF6CA1033CDB82
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